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Life history of Ayyappan - Uncommon Story

Ayyappan - a human being like us, whose living period dates back by 950 years i.e. 1125 to 1150 A.D. in Kerala. Some monuments, historical Places of interest, folk songs in Malayalam put together vouch for this story, which is enumerated in detail in a painting Exhibition conducted by us in the year 1998 - Sastru Sapthaham.
Udayanan doing Attrocities in Sabarimala
The story of Ayyappan goes thus: Anarchy prevailed in those days in Kerala. People around Pandalam lived in perpetual fear of attack by Udayanan, and his gangsters who committed dacoit and murder. They plundered the Sabari Mala temple, destroyed it and broke the idol of Dharma Sastha into pieces.
They also murdered the priest so that it would not be possible to conduct poojas there.
Jayanthan wants to take revenge on Udayanan
Jayanthan, son of the priest, distressed by the gruesome murder of his father, decided to take revenge by killing Udayanan and his band, and to rebuild and consecrate Sastha temple at Sabari Hills.
 Jayanthan joins Udayanan
Later, he joined Udayanan camp and became his close and confidential accomplice. Udayanan wanted to marry the Pandalam Princess but in vain. Therefore, Udayanan launched an attack on the kingdom and in the process abducted Princess of Pandalam.
Udayanan plans for attack
He handed over the Princess to Jayanthan for safe custody. But Jayanthan and the Princess escaped to Ponnanbalamedu
Jayanthan escapes with the princess to Ponnambalamedu 


They lived together as husband and wife and begot a child -
AYYAPPAN, as blessed by Sastha. Jayanthan educated and trained Ayyappan in all fields of religion, science and military art.
Ayyappan getting trained
Ayyappan became extra ordinarily brave and intelligent. At an appropriate time, Ayyappan joined the Pandalam king with a secret message from his father. The king gave Ayyappan full powers to rule the country.
To destroy Udayanan and his gang, Ayyappan prepared an Army and proceeded towards his hideouts around lnjipara, Karimala, Udumpara, etc. On the way, he had faced a trial of strength with VAVAR, a Sea Pirate from Arab, conquered and made him his friend.
 Ayyappa joins hands with Vavar
Udayanan wanted to marry a girl born to a "Kalari" exponent Cheramoopan. However, the girl was dreaming to marry Ayyappan and refused to oblige Udayanan.
Poongodi hates Udayanan & falls in love with Ayyappa. Ayyappa refuses      Poongodi murdered
Enraged by this, Udayanan conspired with a group of Chieftains to eliminate Ayyappan. He abducted
Cheramoopan's girl and killed her. Ayyappan, with his army, marched through the forests, annihilated Udayanan's army. Finally, Udayanan was killed at Karimala Kotta and Ayyappan's mission to kill Udayanan, ended successfully.
 Udayanan murdered. Jayanthan's wish gets fulfilled
After this, they proceeded to Sabari Mala Sastha temple, where Ayyappan's father Jayanthan and others were ready to install a fresh idol of Sastha. At the time of Consecration, Ayyappa stood in silence and meditation. Amidst sounds of "Saranam", Ayyappa transformed himself into a stroke of lightning and got absorbed in the idol of Dharma Sastha, which is symbolically now being shown as Makara Jyothi from Ponnambalamedu, where Ayyappa was born. Thus, Ayyappa, the incarnation of Sastha was re-united with the original deity at Sabarimala, leaving a message to the humankind that anyone can merge in the Lord by his service to society.
 Ayyappa merged with Sree Dharma Sastha in Sabarimala
To mark this event, it is presumed that Makara Jothi is being symbolically shown from Ponnambalamedu, where Swamy Ayyappa was born. Thus, Ayyappan - the divine incarnate in human form - reunited with the original deity, ever-to-be-worshipped by everyone.
Let Swamy Ayyappan bestow His merciful blessings on the Humanity to elevate the universal beings to the sublimity of bliss. As my Gurunathar used to say "even the worst sinner in the earth has the merciful blessings of the Lord, for, the Lord wants to redeem each and every soul". Let us pray for self—realisation, redemption and salvation by Surrending ourselves before His Holy Feet Chanting "Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa"