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Sree Ayyappa Bhajanai Sangham
Sri Ayyappa Bhajanai Sangham is a Spiritual organisation founded by Villivakkam Sri. Viswanatha Sharma in the late 1970s to propagate 'Ayyappa' dharma. The following are some activities of our founder and our group in a nutshell..
 We are proud to say that we are founders of ‘Sastha Thirukalyanam’ and we are performing Sastha Thirukalyanam for the past 30 years in bhajan sampradhayam. We have conducted Sastha Thirukalyanam across various cities in India and countries

Our founder was one among the Guruswamy, to take people to Ponnambala Medu, place from where Jyothi appears every year
Our founder, after around several years of research made idols of Ashta Sastha with sole aim to propagate about Ayyappa and his incarnations to the entire world
We propagated Bhakthi by making use of all means of mass communication – Television, Radio, Free spiritual News paper, free magazines etc. We have conducted Kumbhabishegam in various places of Tamil Nadu. We have renovated various temples that are left uncared, motivated the nearby villagers to run the temple once again
Apart from these, we do many social services like free books & uniform distribution, conduct various spiritual programmes, helping the poor for marriage expenses, setup electricity in schools; do anna dhaanam in various places of Tamil Nadu etc